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Promo Elephant Mud Fun (Morning Session)

Bali Zoo does it again with another first in elephant experiences. Our Elephant Mud Fun half-day package allowing guest to get down and dirty with our friendly Sumatran elephants while discovering all about their behavior and lifestyle from our experienced mahout handlers. You’ll learn interesting facts such as, it is very common to find elephants basking in mud during the summer months because their high body temperature generates a great deal of metabolic heat. And with no sweat glands to relieve their internal thermometers they rely on mud to stay cool and protect themselves from the heat of the sun because even though their hide looks tough, elephants can actually get sunburned.


•    The first in Indonesia
•    Lunch included
•    Intimate Mud Fun Activity with Elephants, touch, hand feed and bath
•    Excellent value for money
•    Zoo entrance fee included

Activity Program Inclusions

  1. Welcome Tea or Coffee and Snack

  2. Mud Fun Activity with Elephants
  3. Lunch
  4. Feeding the Elephants
  5. Towel
  6. Zoo Admission
  7. Insurance.

    Duration : 4 Hours (Approx.)

    Children Policy :
    For safety reasons minimum height requirement for children is 120 cm.
    If booking exceeds 20 people buffet lunch will alternatively be served.
    Bali Zoo does not provide babysitting services. Parents are responsible for their own kids who are left behind at the restaurant during the program

    What to bring :
    (Bathing suit; sunscreen; insect repellent; walking shoes / sandals; change of clothes)

    NOTICE :
    Elephant Mud Fun is closed every  28th of the month for regular pool maintenance and replacements of new mud

Last Check In : 08:30:00
Opening Hours : 10:00:00 - 17:00:00
Ticket Price :
Adult : Rp 1,050,000 (0% off) Rp 1,050,000
Children : Rp 1,050,000 (0% off) Rp 1,050,000