Breakfast with Orangutan with Balinese Massage

A tempting pairing of a wildlife and wellness experiences.

Reinvigorate your physical and psychological condition, after a long wildlife adventure at our newly open The Sanctoo Spa and Wellness, where you will easily relieve your tension and stiffness. The arts of touch and pressure will instill a new energy into your body and mind, at the end will lead you to the world of total rejuvenation and relaxation.

After enjoy your hearty breakfast with the Orangutans and round the Zoo tour, a friendly buggy driver will pick you up and escort you to the path heading to wooden bridge above the Wos river gorge, ends up at the naturally curved small land, where you will see the unique setting of the Sanctoo Spa & Wellness. An holistic and integrated approach where you will hardly ever find.

Time :
Price :
Rp 1,055,000
(15% off)